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WWII Carrier Pigeon's Secret Message Found

By November 8, 2012

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During World War II, carrier pigeon 40TW194 died in Surrey, England while carrying an important message. The bird's remains were discovered decades later in a chimney, with the little red capsule still attached to its leg. Inside the red capsule was a coded message, revealing that the message was being sent to "X02" and that the message had been a duplicate of one carried by another pigeon. It is now believed that the bird was heading to Bletchley Park, the secret location of Britain's code-breakers during WWII. Apparently the other message, being carried by bird 37DK76 also never made it to its destination.

What does the coded message say? Experts still aren't sure, but they're working on trying to decipher the code. For more information about this interesting story, read this New York Times article.


November 9, 2012 at 4:42 am
(1) Armand Orsolino says:

Pathetic Birds, they’re both heroes.

November 25, 2012 at 1:11 pm
(2) Dennis says:

What is the code? I’m not asking for a decipher of the code but what the actual code words are. I couldn’t really tell what the letters were in the code words by looking at the picture of the message. I was thinking if someone did accurately write down each letter in each of the groupings in the order that they appeared and it was posted, that some creative person may be able to figure it out and post it.

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