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Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp
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Located near Celle, Germany, the Bergen-Belsen camp was originally created to hold people selected for exchange for German nationals held in Allied countries. In March 1944, Bergen-Belsen became a regular concentration camp, holding thousands of prisoners including the now famous Anne Frank.

Anne Frank
Though most people are familiar with Anne's experiences while in hiding, her life after arrest is little known. Learn more about Anne and how she died in Bergen-Belsen.

The Belsen Trial: Excerpts
What does Josef Kramer have to say about gas chambers? Read these excerpts from the trial, which include parts of the opening statements, testimony concerning water and food, testimony from Josef Kramer and Irma Grese, as well as testimony concerning Auschwitz.

Bergen-Belsen: An Overview
Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, an overview of Bergen-Belsen, including information its satellite camps, transition to a "regular" concentration camp, women's camp, and the sharp decline in the living conditions.

Bergen-Belsen DP Camp
After liberation, a camp for displaced persons was established near the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The Bergen-Belsen DP camp was the largest DP camp in Germany and the only all-Jewish camp in the British zone of Germany.

Bergen-Belsen Memorial
Information on location, background, chronology, and more.

A wonderful timeline of the camp's history.

Photographs of Bergen-Belsen
57 historic photographs relating to Bergen-Belsen, including Josef Kramer (the commandant), mass graves, and a view of the camp after liberation.

Seder Night in Bergen-Belsen
The story of Passover takes on new meaning in the middle of a camp during the Holocaust.

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