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Einsatzgruppen Death Squads
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As the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, mobile killing squads followed behind them to implement the Nazi's racial policies in the East. These death squads, or Einsatzgruppen, murdered millions of people.

The Fate of Soviet Jewry
A brief overview of the destruction on Soviet Jewry by the Einsatzgruppen (killing squads).

An Introduction to the Einsatzgruppen
Though many people envision the camps when thinking about the Holocaust, the crimes of the Einsatzgruppen usually are unknown. This essay discusses the makeup of these killing squads, their victims, and their crimes. The emphasis of this essay is that there is no way to rationalize these crimes.

Letter from an Einsatzkommando Commander
On December 1, 1941, Karl Jäger, the commander of Einsatzkommando 3 (EK3), wrote a letter listing the dates (written in European format - day/month/year), the location, and the number of people murdered by his Kommando.

Map of Einsatzgruppen Massacres
Though this map does not and cannot show all the massacre locations, it does give a general overview of the wide area where these mobile killing squads murdered.

Arthur Nebe - Biography
A biography of the commander of Einsatzgruppe B, one of the four killing squads.

Officers of the Einsatzgruppen
This page is a listing of the leaders of the various Einsatzgruppen units.

Otto Ohlendorf - Biography
A short biography of the commander of Einsatzgruppe D, one of the four killing squads.

Overview of the Einsatzgruppen
The Museum of Tolerance has posted a thorough overview of these Nazi killing squads, taken from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

Photographs of Einsatzgruppen Murders
Forty-two pictures of people, places, and events relating to the murders committed by the Nazi death squads.

Emil Otto Rasch - Biography
A biography of the commander of Einsatzgruppe C, one of the four killing squads.

Franz Walter Stahlecker - Biography
A very short biography of the commander of Einsatzgruppe A, one of the four killing squads.

Testimony of SS Gruppenführer Otto Ohlendorf
A very long document. Testifying for the prosecution at the Nuremberg Trial in 1945, Ohlendorf (commander of Einsatzgruppe D) discusses in detail the murder of masses of Jews by the Nazi killing squads (Einsatzgruppen) in the East.

Two Witnesses to Einsatzgruppen Murders
The Einsatzgruppen murdered thousands of people in trenches and ditches at close range. This site hosts two witness accounts, one a survivor.

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