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Personal Experiences of the Korean War
Guide picks
An amazing collection of online narratives, interviews, and personal memoirs from those who fought in and who experienced the war firsthand.

Examining the Korean War
A collection of transcribed oral interviews with Korean War veterans by Pacific University student Nathan Stanley.

Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers
An amazing diary of a North Korean's experiences prior to and during the war.

Heartbreak Ridge
A collection of narratives, stories, and photographs as part of a son's search for his father's past.

Eleven interviews or stories about the Korean War experiences of American soldiers.

Join the Navy and See the World
As long as you can put up with the pop-up ads and music, you'll discover a fascinating story of a young man thrust into the Korean war.

A Radio Man's Story
A poem, photographs, and short biography from Cpl. Cecil H. Martin about his experiences in the Korean War.

Recollections from the Front
An eclectic collection of personal narratives from veterans and those who knew them.

Recollections of the Korean War
Listen to or read extracts from the oral histories of veterans of the Korean War, courtesy of this British Imperial War Museum site.

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