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Tsar Nicholas II
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Tsar Nicholas II served as the last emperor of Russia from 1895 to 1917. He, his wife, and their children were executed following the October Revolution.

Abdication of Nicholas II
The English translation of the official abdication letter of Nicholas II, signed March 15, 1917.

Chronology of the Life and Reign of Emperor Nicholas II
A very nice timeline of Tsar Nicholas' life, split into four categories: childhood, ruling, difficult decisions, and road to disaster.

Diaries of Nicholas II
Excerpts of the 1917 Diary of Nicholas II, beginning in March 1917.

Emperor Nicholas II
A nice but un-cited biography of "Little Nicky" from the online site of Alexander Palace.

Emperor Nicholas II As I Knew Him
An online book and diary about Nicholas II written by Major-General Sir John Hanbury Williams, stationed in Russia during World War I.

Infoplease: Nicholas II Czar of Russia
A brief two-part biography from the Infoplease encyclopedia.

Letters from Tsar Nicholas to Tsaritsa Alexandra
A fantastic collection of letters from Nicholas to Alexandra from 1914 through 1917.

Romanov Album
A small collection of photographs with commentary - two pages.

Royal Funeral
Background from the Canadian CBC about the tsar's DNA, remains, and burial.

Trenches on the Web: Czar Nicholas II of Russia
A short biography from the great World War I site "Trenches on the Web."

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