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Secret Synagogue

This is something that most visitors to Theresienstadt do not get to see - a hidden, secret synagogue.

Since the end of the war (as was before the war), the buildings in Terezin have been owned and occupied by Czechs. One couple recently discovered some letters, mostly covered by potatoes, in their cellar. After removing the potatoes and getting their walls cleaned, they realized that they had discovered a secret synagogue.

During the years of the Theresienstadt Ghetto, the Nazis had forbidden religious services. This did not stop such services, prayer, and learning - instead it went on clandestinely in homes and in secret synagogues such as this one.

Though this is a treasure most certainly worth preserving, the synagogue is still located in the middle of a private home. The only reason I was privileged enough to see it was through people who were acquainted with the owners.

Though we should be thankful that such things are being saved, perhaps sometime in the future it will become available for the public to see.

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