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Dachau Picture: Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling Stands Trial

(Picture from the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.)

Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling, a physician at the Dachau concentration camp, defends himself in the docket at the Dachau trial. Schilling was charged with infecting over one thousand prisoners with malaria in his experiments at the camp, resulting in hundreds of deaths. He was condemned to death and hanged.

In his appeal in English after cross examination, Schilling explained, "I have worked out this great labor. It would be really a terrible loss if I could not finish this work. I don't ask you as a court, I ask you personally to do what you can; to do what you can to help me that I may finish this report. I need only a table and a chair and a typewriter. It would be an enormous help for science, for my colleagues, and a good part to rehabilitate myself." His voice then broke and he cried. (December 7, 1945)

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