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Nobel Economics Prize Winners

Chemistry | Physics | Physiology or Medicine | Literature | Peace | Economics

1969Ragnar Frisch
Jan Tinbergen
1970Paul A. SamuelsonUnited States
1971Simon KuznetsUnited States
1972Kenneth J. Arrow
John R. Hicks
United States
Great Britain
1973Wassily LeontiefUnited States
1974Gunnar Myrdal
Friedrich A. von Hayek
1975Tjalling Koopmans
Leonid Kantorovich
Netherlands - United States
Soviet Union
1976Milton FriedmanUnited States
1977Bertil Ohlin
James E. Meade
Great Britain
1978Herbert A. SimonUnited States
1979Theodore W. Schultz
Sir Arthur Lewis
United States
Great Britain
1980Lawrence R. KleinUnited States
1981James TobinUnited States
1982George J. StiglerUnited States
1983Gerard DebreuFrance - United States
1984Richard StoneGreat Britain
1985Franco ModiglianiItaly - United States
1986James M. BuchananUnited States
1987Robert M. SolowUnited States
1988Maurice AllaisFrance
1989Trygve HaavelmoNorway
1990Harry M. Markowitz
William F. Sharpe
Merton H. Miller
United States
United States
United States
1991Ronald H. CoaseGreat Britain - United States
1992Gary S. BeckerUnited States
1993Robert W. Fogel
Douglass C. North
United States
United States
1994John C. Harsanyi
John F. Nash
Reinhard Selten
United States
United States
1995Robert E. Lucas, Jr.United States
1996James A. Mirrlees
William Vickrey
Great Britain
Canada - United States
1997Robert C. Merton
Myron S. Scholes
United States
Canada - United States
1998Amartya SenIndia
1999Robert A. MundellCanada
2000James J. Heckman
Daniel L. McFadden
United States
United States
2001George A. Akerlof
A. Michael Spence
Joseph E. Stiglitz
United States
United States
United States
2002Daniel Kahneman
Vernon L. Smith
United States - Israel
United States
2003Robert F. Engle III
Clive W.J. Granger
United States
United Kingdom
2004Finn E. Kydland
Edward C. Prescott
United States
2005Robert J. Aumann
Thomas C. Schelling
Israel - United States
United States
2006Edmund S. PhelpsUnited States
2007Leonid Hurwicz
Eric S. Maskin
Roger B. Myerson
United States
United States
United States
2008Paul KrugmanUnited States
2009Elinor Ostrom
Oliver E. Williamson
United States
United States
2010Peter A. Diamond
Dale T. Mortensen
Christopher A. Pissarides
United States
United States
2011Thomas J. Sargent
Christopher A. Sims
United States
United States

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