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History Quiz

Week of September 14, 2000

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1. Who assassinated Mohandas Gandhi?
Puvaraj Dyumani
Abhik Rajiv
Rajender Mhari
Nathuram Godse

2. What was the name of one of one of the Titanic's sister ships?


3. Who established the Universal Negro Improvement Association?

Malcolm X
Marcus Garvey
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. DuBois

4. Who composed "Peter and the Wolf" in 1936?

Sergei Prokofiev
Alfred Schnittke
Frank Zappa
Zoltan Kodaly

5. Who did Muhammad Ali (then named Cassius Clay) defeat in 1964 to become the world heavyweight boxing champion?

Tunney Hunsaker
Joe Frazier
Sonny Liston
George Foreman

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