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History Quiz

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1. The name "George Orwell" was the nom de plume of whom?
Charles Dodgson
Eric Blair
Karen Blixen
Mary Ann Evans

2. What was the name of the group, led by Jim Jones, that committed suicide in Jonestown by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide?

Order of the Solar Temple
Heaven's Gate
Unification Church
The People's Temple

3. In 1914, Mary Phelps Jacob, a descendant of steamboat inventor Robert Fulton, took out a patent on what new item that revolutionized women's fashion?

High-heeled shoes

4. Which U.S. presidential candidate used the campaign slogan, "Four more years of the full dinner pail," to get elected?

William McKinley
Franklin Roosevelt
Calvin Coolidge
Woodrow Wilson

5. In 1929, Richard E. Byrd made the first flight over the South Pole. In what airplane did he make his historic trip?

The America
Tin Goose
Floyd Bennett
The Flyer

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