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Columbine Massacre -- Part 2 - 20th Century History - About.com
On April 20, 1999, in the suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine  ...
This Day in African History: April 20
1911, 20 April France offers military support to Abd al Hafid, Sultan of Morocco, to suppress a revolt. 1952, 20 April A campaign to reduce governmental ...
Today in Oldies Music History - April 20 - About.com
Births, deaths, events, charts, recordings, concerts, and more on April 20 in oldies rock and roll music history. From your Expert at oldies.about.com.
This Day in African History: April - About.com
A chronicle of events in African history on 20 April. This Day in African History: April 21. A chronicle of events in African history on 21 April. This Day in African ...
Special Days to Celebrate on April 20th 2013
Apr 20, 2013 ... Find out what special and sometimes unusual events and holidays are celebrated on April 20th this year.
April 20 Science History - Chemistry - About.com
Learn about the history of science by reading about the significant scientific events that took place on this day in history.
This Day in Science History - April 20 - Franz Achard - Chemistry
Apr 19, 2014 ... April 20th marks the passing of the man who first brought table sugar to the masses. Before Franz Achard came up with his refinement process, ...
When Is Easter 2014? - Date of Easter 2014 - Catholicism - About.com
What is the date of Easter 2014? Answer: Easter Sunday falls on April 20, 2014. For the date of Easter in other years, see When Is Easter? For the dates of other ...
Events and Festivals in India in April 2014 - India Travel - About.com
... highlight of your trip. Here's the best of what's on in India in April. ... Cost: Entry to the Tulip Garden is 50 rupees for adults and 20 rupees for children. Srinagar ...
African Festivals and Events in April - April Festivals in Africa
April brings spring to northern Africa and fall to South Africa. Easter is celebrated ... When: 18 April (Good Friday) - 20 April (Easter) (2014) More . Ads. &ensp ...
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