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Assassination of Robert Kennedy - 20th Century History - About.com
The nation was severely shocked at the news of yet another assassination of a major public figure. Robert Kennedy was the third major assassination of the ...
Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr
The FBI investigated the crime, but many believed them partially or fully responsible for the assassination. An escaped convict by the name of James Earl Ray ...
U.S. President William McKinley Assassinated, 1901
U.S. President William McKinley Assassinated (1901): On September 6, 1901, U.S. President William McKinley spent the morning visiting Niagara Falls with his  ...
US Presidential Assassinations and Assassination Attempts
Assassinations. Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln was shot in the head while watching a play on April 14, 1865. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth escaped and was ...
Question - Number of Presidents Who Were Assassinated
How many American presidents were assassinated? Find out with this FAQ about the American presidents.
Failed Assassinations of 19th Century Presidents
Several presidents were targets of unsuccessful, and often overlooked, assassination attempts in the 19th century.
Assassinations of the Mexican Revolution - Latin American History
... of the Revolution also came to bloody ends - usually an assassin's bullet. Here are some of the more notorious assassinations of the Mexican Revolution.
Assassination - Terrorism - About.com
Assassination is the term given to the murder of political or other well-known figures. It has been a stock ingredient in terrorists' arsenal since Narodnaya Volya ...
History of Terrorism: Anarchism and Anarchist Terrorism
For some, it referred to communal violence, while by others it referenced assassinations and bombings carried out by anarchists.It was taken up by anarchists to ...
Lebanon Assassinations - A History and Tally of Lebanon ...
Mar 3, 2009 ... A History and Tally of Lebanon Assassinations Since the 1970s, including the assassination of Lebanese politicians, clerics, journalists and ...
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