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History and Design of Submarines - Inventors - About.com
The evolution of submarine design from the submarine beginning as a compressed air or human powered warship to today's nuclear powered subs.
Military Submarines - Inventors - About.com
The history of war submarines World War I World War II and beyond.
Iimeline - Evolution of Submarine Design - Inventors - About.com
Nuclear power enables submarines to become true "submersibles" - able to operate underwater for an indefinite period of time. The development of the Naval  ...
Depth Charge - History of Submarines and Depth Charges - Inventors
The depth charge is a weapon used by ships or aircraft to attack submerged submarines - developed by the British for use against German submarines.
U.S. Navy Submarines Frequently Asked Questions - US Military
Frequently asked quesitons about U.S. Navy submarines.
Navy Fact File: Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines - US Military
Information on hardware of the U.S. Navy: ballistic missile submarines ballistic missile submarine ohio class submarines 3h sea king c 130 hercules.
Navy Traditions - Submarines - US Military - About.com
Submarines. Submarines, a mainstay of today's Navy, were under consideration way back in 1776 when David Bushnell built a craft that was perhaps too far ...
Submarines - US Military - About.com
admiral george dewey, electric boat company, navy submarines, lake holland, uss holland, american inventor, navy photo, gasoline engine, u s navy, john ...
Attack Submarines - SSN - Defense - About.com
Attack submarines allow the US Navy to project power world-wide. There are three classes of attack submarines – Los Angeles, Seawolf and Virginia. Each of  ...
RC Submarines - Radio Controlled Vehicles - About.com
Whether lurking just below the surface or plunging 20 feet into the murky waters, RC submarines are a fun and challenging part of the RC hobby world.
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