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20th Century History - By Category

Crimes & Scandals
The 20th century was filled with stories of gangsters, bombings, massacres, and genocide. Find out about the sordid escapades of such characters as Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Idi Amin, and others.

Decade By Decade
Each decade of the 20th century had a distinct set of issues, events, and even style. Learn more about the 20th century by examining it decade by decade.

Disasters & Tragedy
Natural or man-made, disasters are destructive. They can wreak havoc and cause fear. Find out what horrible disasters occurred within the 20th century.

Fads & Fashions
Flappers, hula hoops, poodle skirts, silly putty, pet rocks -- all were fascinating cultural aspects of the 20th century.

Important People
The twentieth century was shaped by scientists, leaders, civil rights workers, entertainers, and so many more. Learn more about some of the influential people who molded the century, including both the heroes and the villains.

Medical Advances & Issues
From the discovery of penicillin to the AIDS epidemic, learn more about the medical advances and deadly diseases that occurred throughout the 20th century.

A photograph is worth a thousand words - or so the saying goes. This collection of photographs will help you visualize the twentieth century.

Scientific Discoveries
The scientific advances made in the 20th century were phenomenal. It's hard to look back at the beginning of the century and realize there was a time not long ago without cars, planes, television, computers, atomic energy and weapons, space travel, and cell phones. Learn more about the invention and discovery of these and more scientific wonders.

These excellent timelines and chronologies provide succinct histories of the century.

Wars & Conflicts
Never before had there been wars that encompassed the entire world. Wars during the twentieth century were momentous events that drastically changed peoples thoughts and lives.


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