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1972 - Terrorists Attack at the Olympic Games in Munich


Terrorists Attack at the Olympic Games in Munich (1972): Early in the morning on September 5, 1972, eight members of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Black September, snuck into the Olympic Village at the XXth Olympic Games which were held in Munich, Germany.

The Black September members raided the building housing the Israeli athletes. Two Israeli athletes were killed during the raid and nine others were taken hostage.

After spending most of the day trying to negotiate an exchange of prisoners for the hostages, the Black September members finally realized that their demands were not going to be met. They then asked for transport to an airport and two planes to take them to Cairo, Egypt.

German officials decided that they could not let the terrorists leave the country with the hostages and so they prepared for a rescue attempt at the airport. Unfortunately, the rescue attempt failed and all nine of the Israeli hostages were killed during the shoot-out. Five of the Black September members were killed and the other three were taken into custody.

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