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Anne Frank

A young girl who hid from the Nazis during the Holocaust, Anne Frank has touched many who have read her famous diary.

Anne Frank
During the two years and one month that Anne Frank spent hiding in a Secret Annex in Amsterdam during World War II, she kept a diary of her experiences. Discover more about Anne Frank in this profile of her life.

Anne Frank Quotes
Fifteen quote by Anne Frank from her famous "Diary of a Young Girl," including quotes about her mother, nature, happiness, ideals, and paths in life.

5 Things You Don't Know About Anne Frank and Her Diary
You have read her book and you know her story. But do you know these five things about Anne Frank and her diary?

45 Frequently Asked Questions
What language did Anne write her diary in? Why did the Nazis pick on the Jews? Were Anne and her family sent directly do a death camp? This FAQ offers answers to these questions plus many more about Nazis, the Holocaust, and the diary.

Anne Frank Diary Reference
An interesting and different view of Anne's diary. This site offers a calendar that shows you on what days Anne wrote in her diary, at what times were the Frank's in danger because of loud noises and break-ins, what entries you can read about daily life in the Annexe, and much more. If you need to find something specific in Anne's diary, this site will help you find it.

Anne Frank House
If you ever travel to Amsterdam, visiting the Secret Annexe on 263 Prinsengracht (now a museum) is a must. If you don't get to go, you can still learn a lot about the house, the helpers, and how the Annexe was camouflaged through this site. Use the menu on the top to navigate through this site.

The Anne Frank Story and the Holocaust in Holland
A wonderful overview of Anne's life, focusing on her experiences inside the Annexe. Though the story is set against the rages of the Holocaust in Holland, it is still very readable. (In document format, will open as a .doc)

Biography From the Anne Frank House
A short biography of Anne Frank, separated into four sections: childhood, in hiding, betrayed, and diary. Each section consists of multiple pages with photos.

Diary in Facsimile
Did you know that in the two years that Anne spent hiding in the Annexe, she filled more than just one diary? Or that she started to rewrite them for publication? This page has information on the first and subsequent books Anne used to write her diary, including pictures.

Oasis of Innocence in a Time of Evil
Louis Bulow's offers a great overview of Anne, the diary, and Anne's experiences during the Holocaust. This page is more of a summary of the many facets of Anne's story and includes information about what happened after the war.

Original Writings
Take an inside look at Anne's diary, photo album, third diary, stories and events book, book of nice sentences, and loose pages. Plus, see one of the last photos taken of Anne Frank.

A Scrapbook: Photos of Anne Frank
This overview contains just a few sentences for each event in Anne's life and are accompanied by some very nice photographs. Make sure to click on the "next" button to continue through Anne's story.

TIME 100: Anne Frank
Time magazine chose Anne Frank as one of the top Heroes & Icons of the 20th century. This three-part article by Roger Rosenblatt, begins with the impact Anne's diary has made on the world and ends with a closer look at the young, self-willed, truthful girl who wrote it.

Times of Anne Frank
While Anne was hiding in the Annexe, World War II and the Holocaust continued. This timeline from the Anne Frank Center offers this great timeline which shows both what was happening to Anne and her family and what was happening in the world. Though the timeline begins in 1889, Anne's personal story begins in 1929.

Truth About Anne Frank: A Lesson Plan
This is a twelve week lesson plan for 8th to 12th graders. Find out how much students know about Anne, discuss the myths that surround Anne, learn about those who helped hide the Franks, and discuss diaries written during the Holocaust.

What Happened After the Diary Ends?
Anne's diary leaves off after her last entry on August 1, 1944 because what she had always dreaded actually happened - their hiding place was discovered. How were they arrested? Where were they sent? How did Anne die?

Wikipedia: Anne Frank
An encyclopedic article about Anne Frank from Wikipedia. A good place to start for basic information about Anne Frank.

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