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Holocaust Basics

Wondering where you can learn the basics about this important event in history? Here are some resources for you to start learning about the Holocaust.

36 Questions About the Holocaust
How did the Germans define who was Jewish? Did all Germans support Hitler's plan for the persecution of the Jews?

The Courage to Remember
This is an overview of the Holocaust based on specific topics. By clicking on the links, you will find brief textual information as well as photographs.

FAQ About the Holocaust
Yad Vashem has compiled a list of 38 Frequently Asked Questions about the Holocaust. You'll find answers to such questions as "What was the first concentration camp?" and "How did the Nazis try to hide their atrocities?"

Five Questions About the Holocaust
A wonderful, short overview of the Holocaust by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, formatted as responses to these five questions.

The Holocaust: A Summary
The U.S. Holocaust Museum offers a relatively brief overview (in essay format) of the Holocaust.

Why the Jews?
Travel through a step-by-step examination of the six common given reasons for anti-Semitism. This sites makes you ask whether they are a cause or an excuse.

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