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Space Shuttle Challenger Tragedy

On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger launched with seven crewmen, including one civilian teacher. With the world watching, the Challenger exploded a little over a minute into its flight.

A very thorough, but non-emotional and detached, report on the Challenger mission from NASA.

Challenger Accident
A fantastic collection of resources from the Federation of American Scientists. This site includes a video of the disaster as well as an extensive collection of personal memories of January 28, 1986.

Challenger Crew Photograph
The famous official photograph of the seven-member crew.

Crew of the Challenger Shuttle Mission in 1986
Brief biographies of each of the seven crew on the Challenger.

Presidential Commission Report on the Disaster
Also known as the Rogers Commission Report, this document detailed the cause of the accident as an O-ring failure.

President Reagan's Speech on the Challenger Disaster
The full text of President Ronald Reagan's moving televised speech.

Transcript of Challenger Communications
The transcript of crew communications from the operational recorder from T-minus-2:05 to the time of the explosion.

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