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History of the Academy Awards

The 34th Academy Awards - 1961


The thirty-fourth Academy Awards ceremony was held on Monday, April 9, 1962 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Stan Berman surprised everyone when he bypassed the auditorium security and made it up to the stage to hand Bob Hope, the host, a home-made Oscar.

The 1961 Academy Award Winners

Picture: West Side Story
Actor: Maximilian Schell (Judgment at Nuremberg)
Actress: Sophia Loren (Two Women)
Supporting Actor: George Chakiris (West Side Story)
Supporting Actress: Rita Moreno (West Side Story)
Director: Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins (West Side Story)
Adapted Screenplay: Abby Mann (Judgment at Nuremberg)
Original Screenplay: William Inge (Splendor in the Grass)
Song: "Moon River" (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Score: Breakfast at Tiffany's (Dramatic or Comedy) / West Side Story (Musical)
Cinematography: The Hustler (Black and White) / West Side Story (Color)
Costume Design: La Dolce Vita (Black and White) / West Side Story (Color)
Art / Set Decoration: The Hustler (Black and White) / West Side Story (Color)
Film Editing: West Side Story
Foreign Language Film: Through a Glass Darkly (Sweden)
Sound: West Side Story
Special Effects: The Guns of Navarone
Short Films: Ersatz (The Substitute) (Cartoons) / Seawards the Great Ships (Live Action)
Documentaries: Projet Hope (Short) / Le Ciel et la boue (Sky Above and Mud Beneath) (Feature)

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