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John F. Kennedy

JFK was more than just the 35th president of the United States - he was a charismatic and popular leader.

Biography.com: John F. Kennedy
A very nice, short biography that covers JFK's whole life rather than focusing just on his presidency.

Executive Orders
The University of Michigan has compiled the 214 Executive Orders given by JFK during his term as U.S. president and made them searchable by date, keyword, number, and title.

First Televised Presidential Campaign Debate, 1960
Online RealAudio and text versions of the debate.

"I Am a Jelly Donut"
Is this really what JFK said when he told an audience, "Ich bin ein Berliner"? About.com's Urban Legend's Guide confronts this legend.

JFK Humor
A selection of quotes from JFK that show his humorous side.

John F. Kennedy Library: Biography of JFK
A wonderful biography of John F. Kennedy that offers a nice overview of his youth as well as his presidency.

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum
Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the JFK Library and Museum offers information about JFK through pictures, information, documents, videos, and artifacts. About 200,000 people annually visit this museum, surrounded by a lush 9.5 acre park.

PBS: John F. Kennedy
A long biography about JFK's presidential career. The site includes information about JFK's early career, domestic politics, foreign affairs, presidential politics, and his legacy.

POTUS: John F. Kennedy
The bare basics about JFK's life (where and when born, mother and father's names, etc.) plus information on the presidential election results.

Thirty-nine speeches made by JFK, organized in chronological order.

Unusual Similarities Between Kennedy and Lincoln
Lincoln elected President in 1860; JFK elected President in 1960. Both were succeeded by a man named Johnson. Check out the other similarities on this page.

White House Biography: John F. Kennedy
A very short and succinct overview of the 35th U.S. president's life.

Wikipedia: John F. Kennedy Bio
An interesting biography of John F. Kennedy, which focuses on his political career.

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