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Nazi Doctors and Nazi Medicine

Though they are supposed to be the healers, Nazi doctors perpetrated some of the most devastating and horrendous actions during the Third Reich. Learn about sterilization, euthanasia, and experiments.

The Angels of Death
Doctors are supposed to heal the sick not use human subjects for their own experiments. This site has an overview of the experiments as well as biographical information (links at the bottom of the page) for several of the more notorious Nazi doctors: Mengele, Clauberg, Oberheuser, Brandt, and Kremer.

Children of Bullenhuser Damm
In Neuengamme, Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer conducted tuberculosis experiments on young Jewish children. Learn more about the experiments and the children's fates.

Doctors' Trial
On December 9, 1946, a trial against 23 Nazi doctors was held. The U.S.H.M.M. gives a brief overview of the trial with excerpts of the opening statements, indictments, excerpts from testimony, and sentences.

The Doctors' Trial
From your About.com Guide - Twenty-three defendants, many horrible experiments.

Ethics of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments
There is no question that Nazi doctors used human beings as guinea pigs for their experiments during the Holocaust. But the question has arisen, should information from these experiments be used as foundations for modern research?

Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
This page gives brief, summary information on the following experiments: freezing/hypothermia, genetic, and twins.

Josef Mengele
From your About.com Guide - A short biography of the notorious Auschwitz doctor.

Josef Mengele: Angel of Death
Though this site has many inaccuracies (ex. Mengele did not himself perform autopsies on the twins, he had a Jewish inmate do it for him), it does list some of the brutal things Mengele did. Also, this site has several pictures of Mengele.

"Mengele's Children": The Twins of Auschwitz
From your About.com Guide - Mengele's favorite experiments were on twins. What did he do and why?

Photo Album of Nazi Medical Experiments
A collection of images from the Simon Wiesenthal Center relating to Nazi medical experiments, including a shrunken head and human skin and organs. (Warning: some images very graphic.)

Sterilization During the Third Reich
Six months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the first German compulsory sterilization law was created. Why did the Nazis do this and who did they sterilize?

T-4 Medical Questionnaire
These completed questionnaires enabled selectors to determine if the patient should be killed in the Nazi euthanasia program (T-4).

USHMM: Nazi Medical Experiments
A short article describing various medical experiments conducted during the Holocaust.

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