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Rwanda Genocide

In 1994, the Hutu majority in Rwanda organized and implemented the mass slaughter of the Tutsi minority. In just 100 days, 800,000 Tutsi were slaughtered. Find out how and why this genocide happened.

Rwanda Genocide
Beginning on April 6, 1994, Hutus began slaughtering the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. As the brutal killings continued, the world stood idly by and just watched the slaughter. Lasting 100 days, the Rwanda genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead.

Rwanda Genocide Timeline
In 1994, the Rwanda Genocide resulted in the deaths of 800,000 Tutsi and Hutu sympathizers. Learn more about the genocide by browsing this Rwanda Genocide timeline, which shows the history of Rwanda from its first European colonization to the end of the genocide.

BBC: Rwanda, 10 Years On
In 2004, at the ten-year anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, BBC talked to both survivors and to killers. This site includes those stories, plus examines the question: why didn't someone stop it.

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
The Tribunal is responsible for prosecuting the leaders and organizers of the genocide in Rwanda. This site includes information about the Tribunal, photographs of the accused, as well as chart of the status of the detainees.

International Response to Conflict and Genocide: Lessons from the Rwanda Experience
Did the international community do enough? Very detailed, this site examines the response and the effectiveness of international help. Specific information about the genocide can be found in Chapter 5.

Leave None to Tell the Story
From an explanation of the Hutus and Tutsis to international responses, this Human Rights Watch site offers comprehensive information about the genocide. For a very good overview of the genocide, click on "The Genocide."

Ntarama, Rwanda Images
In June 1997 (three years after the genocide), Rudy Brueggemann decided to visit Rwanda in an attempt to understand genocide. These are pictures of what remains. (Warning: some of these pictures are very graphic) Click here for the story of his trip.

Rwanda's 100 Days of Genocide
Using pictures and audio, this is a revealing and informative overview of the horror that swept through Rwanda. (Warning: Some of the pictures are graphic and disturbing.)

Triumph of Evil
This PBS site offers interviews, a chronology, as well as the UN cable. There's lots of information here as long as you click on the headings (like the names in the interview section).

U.S. Fiddles While Rwanda Burns
Did the U.S. do enough to stop the genocide in Rwanda? This article says definitely not.

Wikipedia: Rwanda Genocide
An encyclopedic overview of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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