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This Day in History

Discover what happened today or any day in history through the plethora of today-in-history resources available online.

BBC: On This Day
Each day offers several headlines of important events in 20th century history, with each headline linking to a full article about the event. Searchable.

Born on This Day
Biography.com presents a collection of famous people and their biographies if they were born today. Not searchable.

Camelot International: On This Day
By selecting a month, you will obtain a lengthy page that provides a timeline for every day in the month. This site provides a good selection of events and has a British slant.

History Channel: This Day in History
This fantastic History Channel site provides a lengthy summary of one key event that happened today and provides links to information about historical events on this day in topics such as WWII, automotive history, business history, technology history, and more. Searchable.

InfoPlease: This Day in History
A short list of events that happened on this day. American-focused. Starts on current date but offers ability to choose what date to view.

Library of Congress: Today in History
An American historical event from this day in history, emphasizing the materials contained in the Library of Congress' American Memory collection. The archive and yesterday's information is easily accessible.

Leon's Almanac of Political History
A fascinating collection of historic, American political events.

New York Times: On This Day
This New York Times site lists worldwide events that happened today with an emphasis on more recent years in history. It also provides an image of the Times front cover and the full text of a featured historical event from this day.

Scope Systems: Anyday
Select any day for an eclectic collection of birthdays, deaths, holidays, and "historic" events.

This Day in Asian History
One select historical event from this day with an emphasis on Asia; not searchable or archived.

Today in Rotten History
Negative and disturbing historical events that happened on this day.

Yahooligans: This Day in History
This day in history for kids; provides one event each day in question-and-answer format.

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