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Vietnam War Stories

What was it really like to be a soldier in the Vietnam War? The only real way to know was to be there, but the second-best way to find out is to read the stories of men and women who served in the Vietnam War. Here are a few real soldiers' war stories of Vietnam.

Dave's Scrapbook
A fantastically detailed, well written account of Dave's experiences during the Vietnam War, from the time he received his draft notice to the day he got to go home. (Use the links at the top of the page to travel through Dave's recollections.)

A Grunt's View
A great, thorough overview of one Australian's tour of duty in the Vietnam War. (The site is a bit difficult to navigate, so to continue to the next page of his story, click on "14" on the left side and then continue numerically to finish reading his story.)

Helicopter Pilot Bill Janes
An interesting, though relatively short, story about the life of a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. The author tells about a day when he was redirected to pick up a "kilo" - a soldier that had been killed in action.

Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham served in the Marines in the Combined Action Program (CAP) which placed him in the village of Phu Da for his tenure in the Vietnam War. Cunningham states that his experiences reflect those of an average combat soldier.

K-9: Blackie
U.S. soldiers sometimes used dogs to help on patrols. This story tells the story of Blackie, the canine with an attitude that would eat almost anything.

Operation Attleboro
Serving as a grenade launcher from October 1963 through early December 1966, the author tells the story of Operation Attleboro from his personal experience.

Pure Torture
Tom Moe spent five years in the notorious prison of "Hanoi Hilton." Although this page has an ugly-looking format, Moe's story is terrifying.

Tet, 1968
Author Den Cook relates the story of a quick decision: Tan Son Nhut is being attacked and two shadows are heading straight for him, are they Charlies or are they friendly?

Tet by Jeanette Wolfe
Written just days after the Tet Offensive began, Jeanette Wolfe, a nurse, wrote about the surprise of the first night of attack.

War Stories: A Sailor Remembers the Vietnam War
This is a fascinating, very long, personal account of a Vietnam experience. Since this is an online e-book, make sure you have quite a bit of time to sit and read before beginning.

The Vietnam Experience
A collection of experiences from six men. Each soldier has written several smaller accounts of specific experiences, such as having their hooch bombed or being struck by an exploding land mine. (You have to scroll down the page a bit to find the stories.)

Women's Nam Experiences
Women were in Vietnam as nurses, entertainers, and Red Cross workers. Here are a few of their stories.

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