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Looking Back: D-Day in Pictures

A Collection of Pictures From the Landings on D-Day


On June 6, 1944, the United States and the United Kingdom (with help from many other western countries) began the long-awaited attack from the west, the Normandy Invasion (Operation Overlord). On D-Day, the very first day of this massive amphibious invasion, thousands of ships, tanks, planes, and troops crossed the English Channel and landed on the coast of France.

Find out more about D-Day by exploring this large compilation of pictures of D-Day, including preparation, crossing the English Channel, landing on the beaches at Normandy, and casualties.

Soldiers on Their Way to Normandy

Picture of men on board a Coast Guard LCI during the D-Day invasion.
(Picture from the U.S. Coast Guard Collection in the U.S. National Archives)
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